• ZYLO brings the essence of Jammu and Kashmir's pristine waters to every corner of India. Our refreshing cans of still and sparkling water quench the thirst of millions, offering a taste of home and a sense of connection to our roots. Experience the pure joy of hydration with ZYLO, a true Indian treasure.

    India: A Taste of Home

  • Middle East

    Hydrating Oasis

    Amidst the sun-kissed deserts and bustling cities of the Middle East, ZYLO emerges as a hydrating oasis. Our exceptional water, sourced from the valleys of Jammu and Kashmir, offers a rejuvenating experience to quench your thirst and energize your spirit. Delight in the ZYLO difference, as we bring a taste of the Himalayas to the heart of the Middle East.
  • Other Tourist Destinations

    Globetrotter's Delight

    ZYLO's journey doesn't end with India and the Middle East. We're dedicated to sharing the gift of pure, refreshing water with people around the globe. You'll find our cans of still and sparkling water at popular tourist destinations, quenching the thirst of adventure seekers and leisure travelers alike. Wherever you wander, let ZYLO be your constant companion.